No matter how big your credit goal is..

You can be rest assured we will be dedicated to helping you reach that goal. This is our passion and the reason that we are excited to go to work each and every day. We won’t stop until we have helped you take steps toward a more solid financial foundation.

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  • Hi, Linda! I just wanted to thank you for your services! My goal was to become a homeowner before the end of the year. But I guess God has other plans. My car started to die so I had to get a new car. My planswas to get a used car and save for my house. But I ended up getting a brand new car with no money down and affordable payments.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me build my scores!

    Adrienne B. Valued Client
  • A couple of months ago I noticed Linda Marks on Facebook and was impressed by her clients’ feedback in the comments. I registered for credit repair because I thought I was in really bad shape and wanted to know what to do to get my credit on track. After speaking with Linda, I learned I wasn’t in bad shape at all and I didn’t need her services, but she gave me a WEALTH of information over the phone and some steps to take to increase my score. Upon hanging up, I was approved for 2 credit cards, which she told me I should get, which would help improve my utilization which would, in turn, raise my score. I’m SO happy that I had the consult with Linda! She was so knowledgeable and professional!

    Nicole M. Valued Client
  • When I started working with Linda and High Credit Marks, my credit score was in the mid 500’s. In less than a year, I have seen my credit score jump over 100 points and I’ve gotten a great education and great advice from Linda. I have been approved for new credit lines when I never thought I would again. If you are in need of a professional to work with you to rebuild your credit and to educate you, then Linda and High Credit Marks is the right choice for you. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

    Terri S. Valued Client
  • I wanted to thank you for helping me get my credit on the road to recovery. You have no idea how much you have helped me. I am just getting in awe of your expertise and how quickly you have gotten things removed from my credit report. I had started out with 16 negative accounts, and within one month 14 of them were removed with the first round of disputes. I had zero credit cards, and now I have 3 my score has also increased by 88 points. I am well on the way to being able to purchase my house. Thank you so much!

    Laura H. Valued Client


I’m Linda Marks, the founder and CEO of High Credit Marks, Inc .I have a passion for helping people and am addicted to getting good results. I’ve built my business on the referrals of my successful clients and my Facebook community, which follows me to receive valuable credit tips and advice.
My advice and free credit tips have helped many raised their credit score by up to 100 points, allowing them to take charge of their financial destiny. In addition, I participate in many other financial/credit groups on social media to assist others with their credit struggles.
As a result of my clients’ testimonies and my Facebook community, I’ve developed a reputation as “The Maven.” I pride myself on the integrity that is the foundation of my business as a credit consultant. My approach is very direct and no-nonsense; I don’t sugar-coat anything because before you can achieve your credit goals, you have to be realistic about your existing situation. I am my own testimony. I know the struggles and the hiccups that come with having bad credit, and this is why I do not hold back.

Since starting my business in 2014, I have successfully helped a host of clients reach their credit goals such as homeownership, building a solid credit profile, securing low interest-rate loans and credit cards with higher limits, buying a dream car, etc.
No matter how big your credit goal is, you can rest assured I will be dedicated to helping you reach that goal. This is my passion and the reason I am excited to go to work every day. I won’t stop until I’ve helped you take steps toward a more solid financial foundation.


Frequently Asked Questions

After the audit is complete and you decide to move forward with the repair process I will start disputing inaccurate, negative, unverified, and outdated accounts on your credit report.

During the repair process, I will make sure you have mixed type of accounts to help you enhance your credit scores and credit profile.

It’s very important you stay current on your current bills. (such as Mortgage, credit cards, installment loans, student loans, etc.). Payment history is 35% of your credit score.

Within 30-45 days you will receive the investigation results from Experian, Transunion, Equifax possibly collection agencies and original creditors. Please forward these results/correspondences to our office as soon as possible. We will review and process these results and resume with the next round of disputes.

The credit repair process is a repeated process.

At any time, you have questions please contact us 888-899-0979 or send us an email at and remember you have 24/7 access to your portal to contact us.

My business goal is to help you reach your credit goals.

Your audit is a comprehensive analysis of your credit profile, broken down into easy to understand,
actionable segments. After reading your audit, you will understand all aspects of your credit profile, and you will also know how we are going to work together to increase your credit score. Your audit will include a complete description of each item on your credit report, both positive and negative, along with actions steps that you should take to improve your credit profile and credit scores.
You are charged between 1-5 days after the audit is complete.
The monthly service fee for an individual is $100 per month and couples $177.
Yes, a 3 in 1 credit monitoring service is mandatory while you are enrolled in the program. We need access to your credit report at all times to track the progress. Without an active monitoring service, we cannot assist you
It varies. We cannot promise you a specific timeline, nor can I guarantee you results. If you work closely with me to follow credit best practices, we can ensure that you can achieve your credit goals. On average, it takes a minimum of 6 months to 1 year to reach your credit goals. Legitimate credit repair is not an overnight fix. It’s a PROCESS that takes time to do properly. Credit restoration requires TEAMwork (TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More). Please follow the exclusive advice we give you to make this a smooth and successful process. Everyone’s situation is unique, and some graduate sooner than others. The important thing is making sure that your credit is repaired the right way so that you have a solid financial foundation for the future.
Under the Fair Credit Report Act, you have three days after initial enrollment to cancel.
After the three days initial enrollment, you must give 30 days prior written notice before the 1st of the month or before the next billing date.
We are dedicated to establishing relationships with our clients by providing personalized service and educating our clients throughout the process. I offer prevention and maintenance after you graduate our program to keep you on the right track. You may reach us via text message, email, or phone call, and our response time is 24 hours or less.
Yes! Your audit includes personalized advice geared towards your credit situation. If we feel you need additional lines of credit or better lines of credit, I will include sources of credit lines that will benefit you in my recommendations, and I’ll be sure to explain your options thoroughly.

Your monthly payment starts 30 days from the date you sign the contract.

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